The roots of SCI Construction date back to 1983 when Larry Parker oversaw the construction of his first long-term healthcare facility. At the time, he was in charge of the development and financing of new projects for a skilled nursing facility operation.Since long-term healthcare facilities are built with a critical purpose—to sustain and enhance life for the aging—they require many specialized components, subsystems, and features.

His son, Brandon, joined the company in 2002 when they built their first restaurant together. Since then, each new team member who has joined SCI has brought an expanded range of capabilities to the company. Additional years of experience are valuable, but the diverse expertise and increased on-the-job capacity of each team member has led to the genuine growth we exhibit now.

Today, SCI Construction is much more than just a general contractor in Tyler, Texas. We have no doubts that our relationships with our clients are paramount to our success. Likewise, the relationships that we have developed over the years with engineers, architects, utility companies, and state and local officials are just as critical to achieving our goals as they are in helping us meet the needs of your project.

Larry S. Parker | President

With a career path that includes accounting, business administration, a legal practice, and commercial and residential development, Larry sets the detail-focused tone at SCI Construction. With over twenty years of commercial construction experience in East Texas, his leadership in banking, finance, and business administration produces consistently efficient results, both for SCI and for our clients.

Brandon Parker | Vice-President

The purpose-driven side of Brandon’s personality equips him well to handle the day-to-day leadership requirements of his role. He is involved with nearly every aspect of SCI’s operations from client relations and contract negotiations to project estimating, job oversight, and personnel management. It is not surprising that he thrives on making decisions, beating deadlines, and overcoming challenges. Yet, when pressed to discuss SCI’s achievements, he says it’s all about the personal relationships they have built and maintained over the years with their clients and business associates.